Cairngorms National Park

Welcome to Britain’s largest National Park.

Britain’s highest and most massive mountain range; its biggest nature forests; spectacularly clean rivers and lochs; mile upon mile of moorland and farmland; and the warmest of welcomes from people who live and work here. No matter what your age or ability there is something for you to enjoy in this outstanding place. Whether you are looking for simple pleasures of picnics and beauty spots or the extremes of mountain tops and single track biking, there’s always somewhere in the National Park for you to unwind.

The Cairngorms National Park is made up of a unique mosaic of habitats of very high quality, and exceptional size and scale. It is a stronghold for British wildlife, including many of the UK’s rare and endangered species, and those at the limit of their range. Separated by the great bulk of the mountains, different areas have their own distinct identity and cultural traditions, but they share deep connections to the same environments. The Park is a place of ‘mountain folk’ and ‘forest folk’.

A place with a sense of wildness and space at its heart it inspires passion both in those who live here and those who visit. Cairngorm has four out of five highest mountains in UK and the Park is larger than Luxemburg. It has the largest area of native woodland in Britain which includes Caledonia Pine, Juniper, Birch, Rowan, Aspen, Alder and Willow. The huge granite mountains of the Cairngorms National Park are unique. Their influence has shaped the natural heritage, landscapes and culture around them.


Cairngorms National Park Cairngorms National Park

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