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Projects - Year 2

After a long time filling in funding applications over and over again and at the point of almost giving up, at long last HML CRP finally received some funding from ScotRail in August 2016, it has been a very long wait, and a difficult 17 months for HML CRP to stay focussed and financed!


Branding Project

We are at last able to begin on our Branding and Heritage Projects that we spoke about in early 2015 and are delighted to work with Jules Akel of Dalwhinnie on designing our new Logo. And here it is to the left. We are also commissioning some new floral containers at the 8 Stations to promote our CRP.

At our first AGM in Fishers Hotel in November 2016, we welcomed Chris Lawton of the Caledonian Sleeper, who gave a most heartening and informative presentation on the White Stag branding and current and future developments. It is great to find a sympathetic branding to our own thoughts for this majestic line.

As a group, we remain loyal to our Communities and will use local businesses and artisans wherever possible.


Heritage ProjectHeritage Project


HML CRP are delighted to finally receive funding from ScotRail for another Project focussing on Heritage of the line and stations, each community is working on their own element and we hope to complete this and have on view in Spring 2017.



For the future

Line guide and map

We are looking into producing over the next two to three years a selection of print and web based information and are currently discussing how and when we can achieve this with Locus Guides of Stow.


Educational/Entertaining Train trips

We have had a lot of interested groups get in touch for organised and sponsored train events, however, our trains tend to go up or down the line and then around via Aberdeen, leaving us with a few logistical difficulties, we are looking into how we can offer an annual train trip to our local Primary schools and perhaps organise some events on the train.


Talks and Presentations in Local Communities

We have in mind a series of speakers for the future, especially with the A9 dualling, HML works, new HST's in 2018, Community Rail and Railway Writers. Again, we just have to work out the logistics of a Roadtrip ( well a Railtrip really) taking in everyone on HML CRP route.


And finally

Pitlochry Station Bookshop

HML CRP were able to give an early Christmas Present to the Bookshop volunteers, who have raised over £174,000 for charity since opening in 2006, a cheque for £4,500 was presented to Roger Haworth - Chair of Bookshop by Sally Spaven - Chair, Ailsa Schofield - Hon Secretary and Kate Howie - Treasurer, all HML CRP. They were joined by Allan Brooking, the ScotRail CRP's Community Liaison Executive, who is supporting the HML CRP.